New York Trip Review

London Flights to New York

Flying from London to New York is now cheaper than ever thanks to the introduction of Norwegian Air’s budget transatlantic flights. London Gatwick to JFK airport was just £270 return for a low fare ticket in February from Thursday to Monday. Flight duration varies from 6 and half hours to 8 hours.

It’s a no thrills experience so there is an additional £50 charge if you wish to check in luggage (ensure you do so in advance as it will cost more at the airport) and you will also need to pay to reserve seats or order in flight meals. Travelling in a two we were simply able to check in at the airport and secure seats together, just get there over 2 hours before departure to be on the safe side. You can buy food at the airport and bring it onto the flight which will probably be more cost effective or there is a great system in place where you can request a snack via your touchscreen device. Simply swipe your card on the device and your order will be delivered to your seat. Like most cheaper airlines the food and drink is expensive but at least this way you can order when you’re ready rather than needing to wait for the trolley to come by.

Seating on Norwegian is comfortable but has a little less leg room than the larger long haul airlines but definitely more than a Ryanair or Easyjet. You have access to a limited selection of new and old movies along with TV shows, it’s more Netlfix type movies than blockbuster releases but certainly enough to keep you occupied.

Airport Taxi to New York

Once you land and get through customs you can get a yellow Taxi from JFK airport to Manhattan for a fixed price of $50-$60 dollars (price differs dependent on route as there a toll charge, excluding tip).


Ace Hotel – 20 West 29th St, New York, 10001


The Ace Hotel is a very hipster chain of unique buildings with locations in New York and London (plus a few more in the U.S). The New York hotel is located in midtown Manhattan and was really easy to travel to and from with a number of nearby subways whilst some attractions like Madison Square Garden and the Empire State Building are just a short walk away.

The hotel is visually appealing and has a Shoreditch vibe (the location of their London hotel), the staff are very pleasant and always seem accessible. The lobby of the hotel has a great buzz with music playing, a bar serving up cocktails and a fun photo booth, however be prepared to share it with lots of people working away on their laptops. This can mean getting a seat can be difficult so over time the buzz generated can wear off and become more of a annoyance. A great little cafe is connected to the front of the hotel along with a Michelin star restaurant, their cauliflower and potato dishes are an absolute must try (never has cauliflower been so good!).

I booked a small room which was a comfortable size, the rooms are very stylish with cool art covering the wall and designer toiletries in the bathroom. There is a mini bar which as usual is quite expensive, I would highly recommend stocking up on bottled water in a convenience store at the start of your stay or you’ll soon be cracking open the $12 bottles in the room as it can get quite dry. There is great wifi access in the room and all over the hotel, you’ll also have a TV which includes 40 channels.

I booked via with an offer of 20% off for a 4 night stay so keep a look out for similar deals.

Restaurants & bars


Maison Premiere was my favourite bar. It has a prohibition style theme with the staff all dressed in the attire to add to the experience. Their cocktails are amazing and it’s great to simply watch their bar staff skilfully concocting the drinks whilst also displaying vast knowledge and expertise in their area.

Buvette was a nice little breakfast spot, famous for their eggs but offering lots of other choice on the menu. The salmon and poached eggs is reccommended.

Bubby’s is located next to the high line and close to Chelsea Market so it’s a great place to start the day for breakfast or brunch. Their pancakes with caramelised banana and syrup has got to be my top recommendation, they’re huge so perfect to share.

The Rooftop at the Standard is a restaurant that includes a fantastic view of the city and the Hudson River. The food was nice but not spectacular, however the views will make any visit worthwhile.



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